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Your own dedicated account manager for a relationship that responds exactly to your needs

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Free trading account, no fees to talk or trade, and no mysterious small print

Market Leading Exchange Rates

We scour the market to uncover the rates that save you the most, whatever the currency

Importing, exporting or working as part of an international group of companies can expose you to all the risks and volatility of currency fluctuation.

Opening a corporate trading account with Audensa mitigates against those risks. You’ll be assigned a dedicated FX consultant – fully qualified, highly experienced and always looking after your interests.

Their role is to save you considerable time and a significant amount of money, while protecting your returns with a tailored FX hedging strategy. They’ll ensure you benefit from the best exchange rates possible, guide you through options such as spot and forward contracts, help you decide when to trade and keep you up to date with any changes in the financial markets.

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One Off Purchases & Regular Payments

Whether you’re importing a single product or bulk order from abroad or making a one-off purchase or sale, three factors are critical to creating more value for your money:  the best timing for the transaction, a competitive exchange rate and a rapid settlement. We can help you with all three.

With a spot contract we can secure the best available rate immediately, timed to suit your preferences, and make transfers globally as soon as your funds clear. Alternatively, as with regular payments or income, a forward contract can offer predictability.

Regular payments require some strategy and risk assessment; you’d be best served by a forward contract to buy or sell part or all of your currency on specific dates. This can give you a fixed rate for a set timescale many months ahead, simplifies the process and saves you a lot of time. It also determines your future costs, so you can price with confidence, whether you’re importing/exporting or making a single sale or purchase. It’s all about risk aversion, and by getting to know your company’s priorities, your FX consultant can help you make the best decision for your business.

Inter Company Transfers

If your company is multinational, or operates in different currencies, you’re likely to be making frequent money transfers or payments between them, and regular purchases or sales of foreign currency. Regular transactions across currencies can result in thousands lost due to poor exchange rates or charges which could easily be avoided.

Audensa Financial runs an intelligent service shaped to support your company’s financial health. As soon as you open a corporate FX trading account, you’ll have your own dedicated consultant and instant access to the best exchange rates.

We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business, typical size and frequency of transactions and your strategic priorities. Understanding your budget helps us protect it against market fluctuations. And the closer and longer we work together, the simpler it becomes to better place you to make the best decisions.

All of which means more of your money remains within your business.

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