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Your own dedicated account manager for a relationship that responds exactly to your needs

No Fees or Hidden Charges

Free trading account, no fees to talk or trade, and no mysterious small print

Market Leading Exchange Rates

We scour the market to uncover the rates that save you the most, whatever the currency

At Audensa we help your money go far further whenever you want to make international payments.

Why risk being at the mercy of market fluctuations? One of the main benefits of our service is that we can fix your exchange rate throughout even a lengthy and complex transaction. No volatility costing you hundreds or thousands of pounds. No uncertainty as you wait and no reliance on your bank to put your interests ahead of their own.

Our experienced team are used to dealing with individual requests and we know that our clients want more than just a quote on the rate of exchange. You may have particular requirements or concerns and want information relating to your own personal situation, such as the timing for best exchange rates or simple explanations about the market fluctuations. We can offer spot and forward contracts, stop loss and limit orders – and explain in simple terms how they work, protect your interests and save you money. Whether you’re looking for a one-off transfer or a long-term currency exchange service, you’re guaranteed our complete attention and dedication.

We treat you as the individual you are, with a one-to-one service guided by your priorities.

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Buying or Selling Property

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when buying or selling property in a different currency is how and when you convert your money for the transaction.

We make this decision less stressful for you by clearly explaining the options most likely to save you money based on your own particular circumstances.

So when you come to make decisions, you’ll have the best information available, know the exact cost of your transaction, and face no hidden charges.

Emigrating & Living Abroad

If you’re moving abroad, you may need to transfer capital to your new country of residence, or set up regular payments to transfer future income or capital. You may want to sell or rent out your property, book furniture removal remotely, evaluate your new tax position – and that’s all on top of the more personal, family-oriented decisions you’ll be making.

We lift the burden of currency exchange off your shoulders – for the move, for future income and capital transfers, for any situation where you’re moving money across currencies. Which means you can focus on family and other priorities, safe in the knowledge that every pound sterling will be worth as much as it can be.

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One-Off Payments

Our clients make one-off payments abroad for all sorts of other reasons. You may need to make a transfer to another member of the family or pay for a dream holiday. Your bank might feel like the easiest route, but it usually means a poor exchange rate or excessive charges. In just 30 seconds you can have a quote from Audensa to compare against the rates offered by your bank or your usual FX provider. You might also find that a forward contract would protect you from currency fluctuations.

If you intend to sell a foreign currency and buy sterling, don’t fall into the easy trap of asking your overseas bank to buy the sterling for you. Overseas banks usually offer far less attractive rates than those we can find, because they know you’re in no position to negotiate.

Regular Payments

The most common regular payments between currencies and countries are mortgage payments and maintenance fees on an overseas property, pensions, transfers of salary and dividend income to a foreign home, university fees or even just a gift to a family member.

Go via the banks or an online platform and with every payment – particularly those set by a calendar – you run the risk of hidden charges or an exchange rate that hits your account hard.

We offer considerably more favourable terms than those offered by the major banks, including standing orders. Ask your dedicated Audensa Financial account manager for a quote to find out how much money you could save.

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