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    Spot Contracts

    A spot contract is all you need to send money abroad or to repatriate money from overseas. It’s simple, quick and efficient.

    1. You contact us via email or on the phone with the details of your international payment, including the currency you want to buy/sell and beneficiary bank details.
    2. We find you the best rate available on the market at that time, with no hidden fees or charges.
    3. Once the rate is agreed and fixed, you’ll need to transfer your funds within the time frame discussed with your personal account manager.
    4. We will then send the currency you’ve bought directly to your bank account overseas, to your UK account or pay it to your nominated third-party account.

    This is the simplest type of contract that most corporate and private clients use to pay suppliers or send money to friend or family for example, as long as the transfer can be completed within two working days.

    Forward Contracts

    Forward contracts protect your finances from adverse moves in the market. Suppose you have to pay money abroad (or bring back money to the UK) in the future, either on a specific date or within a period of time, but you want to secure the rate right now. Perhaps that’s because the current exchange rate is favourable and you want to lock it in for your future payment, or simply because you want to get the terms of your purchase or sale agreed now, and not worry about currency performance later.

    1. You secure the rate you want today and transfer an initial deposit of up to 10% (the balance will not be required until the end of the contract).
    2. When you transfer the balance, we will handle your transaction in the same simple, secure way as we do spot contracts.

    Private clients often use this product when they need to fix a rate for a property purchase, for example, at the time of negotiations.

    Corporate clients typically use this tool to hedge against fluctuations in currency prices for cost certainty and business confidence.

    Standing Orders

    Standing orders can be used when you need to make regular payments to or from a foreign currency. For individuals these might be pension or mortgage payments; for corporate clients it could be payroll or regular payments to suppliers. They are really simple to set up:

    1. Set up an automatic payment from your bank account to Audensa Financial client account.
    2. We carry out the currency conversion at the best available rate, with no hidden charge or transfer fees.
    3. Your converted money is paid to your designated bank account on the date agreed.

    Whatever your circumstances, we can help you make sure you never miss any currency payment. Once you have set up a standing order, you won’t need to worry about anything else. These payments can be made at the best exchange rate available on the day of transfer but you can also fix the rate, using a forward contract as described above.

    Limit Orders

    This is quite simply an order to buy or sell currencies at a specified price. It’s often the best option if you can be flexible on the timing of your foreign currency purchase. It means you can hold out for your ideal price and take advantage of any movement in the market (limit orders can be filled 24/7).

    It’s worth noting, though, that a limit order may not go ahead if your requested rate can’t be achieved or if the market moves against you. So it’s worth discussing your options with your Audensa personal account manager to make sure this tool is used to your advantage.

    Stop-Loss Orders

    A stop-loss order is the opposite of a limit order. It’s designed to limit a client’s loss when the market is likely to move against them. It’s generally used when you’ve got a specific budget. When we know the worst rate you’re prepared to trade at, we can place a stop-loss order so that if the market reaches that figure, the trade happens automatically. This way, you will protect yourself from adverse changes in exchange rates and never go over your budget.


    There is never a charge for opening or holding a trading account – or for ongoing discussions with your dedicated FX account manager. There are no transfer fees either. We offer extremely competitive exchange rates designed to outperform all banks and other FX providers, to make sure we keep your costs to a minimum and help you save significantly on each transaction.

    Market Update Emails

    Daily, weekly or monthly. Contact us to sign up to our free market update emails for the latest market movements and exchange rate trends.

    Currency Rate Monitoring

    We offer a currency rate monitoring service, tailored to keep you up to date on market behaviour for any currency you need, and alert you at key moments.

    Whether you trade is up to you – but you’ll always be in the know, and ready to discuss your options and strategy with your personal FX account manager. It’s equally useful for timing a specific payment or when you can be flexible with your trades.

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    We are determined to give you better rates of exchange than any other foreign exchange broker or bank. So whatever quote you’ve got, wherever it’s from, get in touch to find out how much money we can save you on your currency transfers.

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